Online Stock Trading for Beginners

The first step to beginner investing begins with researching the internet for online brokers. As an absolute beginner, it is always good to have expert advice to guide you through the initial steps of setup. Choosing to retain the services of brokers can always be a decision made with an increase in trading confidence. This quick guide to online stock trading for beginners will get you started in the world of virtual trading in no time.

The prospect of buying or selling stocks or bonds in financial markets may seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning; however, as a beginner, the technicality of the process is not as important as is knowledge of how the markets work. There are two ways of stock trading online for beginners: the do-it-yourself method and the brokerage approach. The former method calls for deep understanding of the financial markets, risks involved and stock profitability. This involves a lot of preparation and research. The end result, however, is not guaranteed. The latter approach suits the absolute beginner better.

What Can You Accomplish with an Online Stock Broker?

It is extremely essential to ensure that you have a good online broker to help you with your investment. Looking for the cheapest online broker may not work to your advantage. As a precaution, compare stock brokers from an online brokers list. This will give you an idea of the services they provide. The best stock broker services should provide all the resources you need to make well-informed decisions about your investment. These may include real-time charts, educational materials, calculators and a robust trading platform. Look for the following additional features in an online broker.

Fees and Commissions

This is one area where you might find yourself spending a lot of money. Be on the lookout for a brokerage agency that offers you the best deal with regards to account maintenance fees, commission structure, market and option trades, and margin rates. A firm that can offer all of these services at the lowest rate can be placed among your top three preferences.

Investment Opportunities Offered

Most firms offer the ability to buy or sell options, stocks, and mutual funds. However, some comprehensive services also give you the ability to invest in international stock exchange, educational savings plans and retirement accounts. If your interest lies in any of these, a firm that gives you this ability will be your choice.

Trading Tools

You need to have a good toolkit of resources and materials to keep yourself up-to-date on all financial matters in the market. This includes a host of investment calculators, alerts, reports, charts and graphs. Monitoring tools will come in handy.


Support from your broker is crucial to your success. Check for the availability of the broker. Constant support by phone, email, chat or instant messaging is a recommended must have.

What Next?

Even though online stock trading for beginners may sound intimidating, there are a few important things a beginner should remember. Firstly, invest only money that you will not need in the near future. If you’ve been saving for a family vacation, don’t invest it all in stocks. Secondly, research stock picks carefully. Invest in stocks that are priced so that you can buy at least 100 shares at a time. Thirdly, make a solid plan. Don’t fluctuate on your decision to buy when others buy or sell when others do.

Finally, remember that there is no gain without pain; online stock trading is no exception. Be prepared to win some and lose some.

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