Online Brokers

The trading of stocks refers to the buying and selling of shares of stocks in the financial market. Trading usually occurs on the exchange floor in the stock market, where most of the people there are yelling, gesturing, and waving at one another in order to buy and sell shares of stocks.

These chaotic scenes in a stock market may already be familiar, as these are most commonly shown in the television, movies, and news. For those investors who do not want to get involved with these chaotic scenes, there is another option to trade stocks without having to go to the stock exchange floor, and that is through online trading.

Today, online trading is very popular because of the evolution of the modern technology. Many investors prefer the ease and convenience that an online trading provides. One of the most common reasons why investors prefer to trade online is that they receive their investment confirmation right away after the transaction is done. They just need to wait a few minutes before their confirmation is sent through their email.

With this type of trading, online brokers are also needed as they are the ones who connect to the online market to search for the buyers and sellers according to the orders made by the online investor. Thus, finding the best online broker is really essential. However, you must pay special attention to all the unnecessary fees, high commissions, and other hidden charges that many online brokers like to charge. Doing business with a reputable and cheap online broker there is will most definitely lower the investor’s investment costs, which is a reliable way to improve his investment returns.

Finding the Best Online Broker

In order to find the best online brokers available, the investor must take some time and do his research and compare the rates and fees of several brokers. There are plenty of online brokers available, and finding the one that would best suit an investor’s needs and budget is surely made easier.

The best stock broker we’ve found is OptionsHouse. They have NO hidden fees, NO trading activity requirements, and NO minimum balances! OptionsHouse is one of the cheapest brokers with a flat free trades rate of $3.95, with two flexible rates for options trading. Their Research Center gives you the insights you need to make smart investment decisions, which is great when dealing with stocks online. They have on-site customer service with a team of experienced professionals ready to help you with any question or trading emergency – we even tested their support and it was great!

Some additional examples of the top online brokers are Zecco, TradeKing, ETrade, Thinkorswim, OptionsHouse, and Scottrade.

Zecco is also a competitive and unique broker, as there is a potential of being able to trade for free. Moreover, Zecco unique is its Forex trading facility, which is not available with other online brokerage accounts. TradeKing offers fantastic customer service and trading education. They have competitive trade commission rates as well. OptionsXpress has a cutting-edge trading technology and requires no minimum account balance or initial deposit. ETrade offers convenience by allowing the investors to trade anytime and anywhere with its Etrade Mobile Pro and Power ETRADE Pro which are world class trading tools. Thinkorswim offers one of the best known trade platforms for active traders, and they are known as the best broker for frequent traders.  The Scottrade has over 400 local branch offices for personal service and has a competitive rate of $7 flat-fee stock trades.

When choosing an online broker, it is essential to narrow down the online brokers list and make some priorities. Choosing a broker that is well-known and has good reputation is also a wise thing to do. Moreover, it is necessary to know the miscellaneous fees and other charges that need to be paid.

Your Guide to Online Brokers

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